Year 7 Careers Stereotype Challenge

On Friday 13th May we hosted a very special event for our Year 7s. We invited a number of people from the world of work who challenged our stereotype thinking that certain jobs were for certain people.

Prior to the event student explored the meaning of stereotypes, diversity in the workplace and how this might affect jobs and our perceptions.

On the day of the event we invited a female lorry driver, a black utility engineer, a Brazilian social media manager, a young black engineer, a female leader, an Asian female police officer, an Indian RAF pilot and a disabled professional athlete. They all spoke with the students about their experiences at work, the challenges they had faced and overcome and what they enjoyed the most about their jobs. During the event the students had the opportunity to ask lots of questions to learn about the different experiences.

Students learned a lot that day about stereotypes and how they themselves can challenge this in the future, and think more broadly about jobs for themselves.

Here are some of the comments from the students about how they felt about the day;

‘I will tell people about stereotypes and work harder at school to achieve my dream job’

‘It made me think of new job ideas’

‘It has inspired me to become a truck driver.’

‘I liked it when they said that you can reach what you want as long as you keep fighting for it, I will dig deep and try my best to reach the top levels.’