Suzanne Virdee visits Gospel Oak School

An article by our school news reporters

TV presenter, journalist and author Suzanne Virdee came into the school as a part of International women’s day. She spoke about her life as a female journalist and her journey to fame. We had the pleasure of speaking to her
and asking her questions about her life. She expressed that her interest in journalism started at a young age as she would go home and instead of watching kids programs ‘she would go home and watch the news.’ Her
favourite story ever reported was about Keanu Reeves and how he was late to the red carpet and had to improvise.

We have spoken to her about any advice she would give aspiring reporters she said that it can be very nervous the first or even the 100th the main thing is to try and face it head on. Another response she gave to that
question is to keep fighting for women’s right to ‘past the torch on to other girls.

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Students also had the chance to win her latest book, A Girls Guide to Being Awesome

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