Vision & Ethos

We are an inclusive learning community; rooted in respect, pride, and aspirations.

We are passionate about social justice and the right of all children to an excellent education regardless of their social background, ability, or any other potential barrier that may impede their learning.

Education should be a means to social mobility, eradicating poverty and enabling young people to grow into mature, socially responsible adults who will lead successful and fulfilling lives.

We aim to enable our pupils to achieve exceptional outcomes through Quality First Teaching, supported by our curriculum’s KASE principles and the Gospel Oak distinctiveness programmes.

Our Values 




We respect ourselves, each other and our environment.

We take pride in our hard work, community and achievements.

We aspire to be the best we can be.

Gospel Oak Distinctiveness Programmes

The Respect programme focuses on building an inclusive community through:   

British Values, SMSC, PSHE, RSE and Health Education.

The Pride programme focuses on building an active community through:  

Student Leadership, Community Action Groups, School Council, Volunteering and Votes for Schools.

The Aspire programme focuses on building a successful community through:  

Career education, Super Curricular, Extra Curricular, Interventions and Wider Experiences.